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Feb 20, 2019 6:00pm

Christ United - the upper room

  • Bible Study with Pastor Jeff (1John 2:18-27)

  • C-Group “Praying for Unconnected Friends”

    Why is it important to pray for unconnected friends? Why is it important to share the gospel with an unconnected friend? Why do we invite? Why do we want to start other C-Groups? Why do we share about the movement of God in our friend’s lives?

  • We have Big House next week, Feb. 27! We have fellowship on Feb. 28. We also have opportunity on March 7th.

  • Eileen will be teaching on Sunday after church on “Communication”.

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FEB 13, 2019 6:00pm


Feb. 6, 2019 Notes Below…

I appreciate our honesty last night!! Remember to be in prayer over what we discussed.

Here are the notes from last night on CONNECT THROUGH SHARING…

*Let each person choose and answer one Confession question and one Celebration question from below. (Please be concise so that everyone has time to share.)


I just want to note… Because you will experience this…  Our time together in a C-Group will be dominated by sharing if you allow it. That’s why I strongly suggest that you read through these directions at the top of this section.  “Let each person choose and answer one Confession question and one Celebration question from below.  (Please be concise so that everyone has time to share.)”


Now… You will have instances where people will be sharing something deep and God will prompt you to stay in those conversations for as long as it takes.


1.    What has been your greatest challenge or temptation recently?

2.    What intentional or unintentional sins do you need to confess?

3.    What doubts or questions do you have?

4.    Is there something you need to share even though you would rather not?

 (4) That’s a digger of a question there!  When we are willing to be vulnerable, what you will see is that others begin to be embolden to share if they need to share something.



1. What has God done that you want to praise and thank him for?

2. When did God give you victory over a temptation?

3. When were you obedient to God, and how did it turn out?

4. How have you seen God at work in your life?


Remember… We are only answering one confession and one celebration.  We don’t answer all of the questions!


There’s a concept call Reciprocal Vulnerability.  If you are a leader and you are vulnerable, then it’s going to empower others to share in that vulnerability.  So I encourage you to let the Spirit guide you through these conversations. 


The Confession part is very very important when building and developing  relationships.   C.S. Lewis said it this way… Friendships are born when a person Says,, “what you too, I thought I was the only one”  So that experience when a person realizes that they are not the only one who experienced this is really powerful.


Sharing Celebrations..


This is beautiful… Thanking God and Praising him with each other!  People should be sharing in those victories.  When we have victories over some of our struggles.. Ex. I was obedient to God when he prompted me to… ; I had the hard conversation with my friend… ; I was honest with the group when I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself…


Now.. Let’s talk about Conciseness


First.. you want to lead your group well so always try to remain concise in your own sharing time. If you are a person who shares for 7 minutes, then you can expect the others to share in that same amount of time, so be the example and try to limit yourself to 4 minutes max.


Now..  What happens if someone is really struggling or they’ve lost someone close to them or whatever it may be?? you just know that they need to share and get this off their chest.. Don’t rush passed that time.  Let them share!  Then after they shared, go around and remember to let everyone else share. And what may happen is you might not get to the scripture time.  That’s OK! Remember to let the Spirit guide you!

**I appreciate each one of you! Please remember to reach out if you have any issues or any questions!

Love you guys,
Brent Richardson