Refuge is a college ministry radically committed to the ultimate goal of turning ordinary students into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  As a ministry, Refuge gives students the opportunity to grow in their faith and to be surrounded by believers who are committed to changing the world around them. 

Refuge offers Christ-centered opportunities that will engage students in fulfilling the God given purposes for which they were created. Through these opportunities, along with the joys, challenges, victories and struggles of college life, Refuge students are supported and strengthened in their faith as they learn to live as true followers of Christ in the University setting.

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Learning to live like Jesus, and helping others learn to live like Jesus. Find out about our Discipleship Groups.

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Recruiting outstanding student leaders from around the nation to provide scholarships to the top applicants for team leadership roles.

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We offer the opportunity to be developed and mentored in various areas of ministry.   

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