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March 20, 2019 6:30pm

  • Meal from 5:15-6:15pm

  • Lenten Drama in the Unite Center 6:30-7:00pm

  • Refuge Meeting in Prayer Room @ 7:00pm

    Discussions around C-Group, 8 principles, upcoming events, Charleston Trip

  • Eileen will be with us next Wed., 3/27. “Leaving Your Legacy”


FEB. 27 & MARCH 6…


FEB 20, 2019 6:00pm

COMMUNICATION: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feeling etc. to someone else.

Or… Two way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning.  In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places.  


What we learned…  We really need to pay attention when we communicate.  Means we listen and focus on what’s being communicated.  If we are unsure or unclear, ask questions.  Also, be direct when we are communicating with one another. Conciseness is Key!


8 Verbal Communication Skills to Master

1)  Project a professional appearance.

2)  Be organized

3)  Be clear & concise.

4)  Have strong eye contact.

5)  Listen for filler words.

6)  Speak with confidence.

7)  Vary your vocal inflection & tone.

8)  Practice! 


Continue to work on your Elevator Pitch!!!!!!


1)  Keep it short. (No more than a minute)

2)  Have it tied to your “calling”

3)  Pitch your heart, not you ministry

4)  Don’t forget the ministry

5)  Don’t overwhelm with lingo/terminology

6)  Practice

7)  Revise



Love this about Matthew… As soon as Matthew gives his life to Jesus and makes the decision to get up from the tax place in the booth and follow Jesus… as soon as he makes that decision, the next thing that happens is Jesus is eating at Matthew’s house with tax collectors and sinners! 

What is so cool about these early disciples is this…  As soon as they were becoming a disciple, they were already starting the process of reaching out to others!  Right from the very start! It is said that the people who reach more people for Christ are the people who are new followers of Christ.  As soon as you begin to follow Christ, you’re so excited about it that you can’t help but share with others.


Think of it like this… someone who just found out there was a cure for an incurable disease…  There’s an immediate desire to get that information to the people who are suffering!!


For believers who have been followers of Jesus for sometime, we have a tendency to get kind of ingrown, and we begin to live life isolated from people who are unconnected to Christ.  We do not want to fall into this trap!!!! This is why it is a high priority sharing & hearing about our unconnected friends.  With that in mind..  The first statement is this…


Let everyone name their unconnected friends then let someone pray for them all.


It is important for us as leaders & Christ followers to always be intentionally thinking of unconnected people!!


Then we ask the question, who feels led to share the gospel with an unconnected friend?   

The reason we put that in there is this… is that very often, we get in a place where we will be praying for unconnected friends, and we'll be sharing about what's happening with an unconnected friend, but we find it hard to step out of our comfort zones to share the good news with our friends. This question will hold us accountable and will help us get through these challenges.  Note: See Sharing the Gospel on the home page of the Christ United app if you need additional help.


So the purpose for this section is to get us thinking about our unconnected friends, praying for unconnected friends, seeing how God's at work in the life of our unconnected friends and being ready to share the gospel when the Holy Spirit prompts us to share the gospel with unconnected friends! 


Anyone have someone you would like to invite to the group? 

Now… this is where I wanted to introduce this one very important truth… an unconnected friend maybe a person who's unconnected to Christ, or they may be a person who is unconnected to the body of Christ. There’s lots of people who are accepting Christ as their Lord, but they’re not in a relationship with anybody who is discipling them. So that's the kind of person we're talking about when it says does anyone have someone you would like to invite to the group.  It's probably not the best that we invite somebody to the group who is not yet a committed follower of Christ because the commitments in the C-Group guide are very specific. It's not really the appropriate place to invite somebody who is still trying to decide whether they believe in Jesus or not, but it is a great place to invite somebody who says “yes” I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. Some people may not have actually surrendered their all to Jesus, but they have faith that His message is true.  We want that level of person all the way to a person who really desires to grow in their faith.


 For people that you may consider inviting to an established group, it's important that you always ask the group before you invite someone else to the group.  If your group is already at 6 members and you have a friend you want to invite to the group… That may be a sign that God is calling you to start another C-Group. Remember the Value… “We are committed to starting New C-Groups for unconnected friends.”


How have you seen God at work in the life of an unconnected friend? 

As we began this by naming unconnected friends and praying for them, we now come to the end, and we just want to share how we’ve seen God work in the lives of our unconnected friends. This just encourages us that God is answering our prayers!  It also helps us stay accountable to one another in regards to reaching out to them. 

Note: it's the one part that is most neglected… Is that we would constantly have unconnected friends on our mind.  Jesus constantly had the lost on his mind and on his heart!  If we're going to be followers of Jesus and we're going to have his heart in our hearts, then our hearts need to be filled with love & compassion for our unconnected friends.  We’re praying for them, reaching out to share the gospel with them and inviting them to experience a growing relationship with Him and with us.


See Calendar… Sunday with Eileen; Wed. Big House Family Night; Thurs. 810 Bowling

March 7 you will be scheduling an event for our team. Please be in communication with one another!

Love you guys,
Brent Richardson